Tuesday 22 October Introductory Day

The Introductory Day provides those without the budget or time available to attend the full conference with an effective and efficient opportunity to explore resilience through modelling and implementation as well as understanding what good looks like presented by those who have experienced it. An informal Evening Social at The Botanical Gardens, welcomes delegates to Delft

8:00 Registration and Coffee

9:00 President's Address

IRSE President George Clark will open Aspect and welcome delegates.

Level Crossings

  1. No barriers to level crossings with ERTMS , Maarten Bartholomeus, ProRail, Netherlands
  2. Clarifying design guidelines of level crossing logic ,Akimasa Okada, East Japan Railway Company, Japan
  3. Obstacle detector for level crossing using infrared cameras ,Ryuta Nakasone, Railway Tech Research Institute, Japan
  • Panel Discussion
  • Break


  1. Getting it right ... the earlier the better Keith Upton, SNC-Lavalin Atkins, UK
  2. Resilience – it’s about more than just technology Disney Schembri, Siemens, UK
  3. Building a resilient railway through its workforce Prerna Sharma, Siemens, UK
  4. Peterborough Ground Frame Panel – Novel Design Development Approach, Shivani Singh, Atkins
  • Panel Discussion
  • Lunch

Project Implementation

Crossrail Integration facilitiy and test Automation, off-site testing to increase resilience, Alessandra Scholl Sternberg, Siemens, UK
Why brownfield resignalling projects always require a transition state, Nick Terry, The Shard Group, Australia
  • Panel Discussion

Digitalisation and Maintenance

  1. Oh, cyber security doesn’t affect me ... right? Integration and cyber security, Colin Hamilton-Williams, SNC-Lavalin Atkins, UK
  2. From Data to diagnosis: point condition monitoring through machine learning, Richard Parkinson, Balfour Beatty
  • Panel Discussion
  • Break

Modelling and Modernisation

  1. Taking a legacy interlocking to the era of IOT, Bob Janssen, Siemens, Netherlands
  2. Victoria Line – 50 years of resilience (so far), Conor O'Flaherty, Siemens, UK
  3. What building a model taught me about resilience and building real railways, Aaron Sawyer, SNC-Lavalin Atkins, UK
  4. Basic study of a train control system integrating operational & security control, Yoichi Sugiyama, Railway Technical Research Institute, Japan
  • Panel Discussion

17:50 President's Closing Address

18:00 Networking Event

After the Introductory Day, a networking drinks reception will be held. We welcome delegates from the Introductory Day to join to continue discussions from the day's papers, along with delegates from the main ASPECT conference to join for networking.