Thursday 24 October



  1. Closer running: magic capacity potion or poison?, Hongsin Kim University of Birmingham, UK with Felix Schmid, Philip Dakin, Shuxia Lu,
  2. Arrival time robustness of eco driving strategies under two ATP systems Jan Hoogenraad, Spoorgloren, Netherlands
  3. Improved system modelling for better railway performance, Arco Sierts, InteVice, Netherlands


  1. Adaptive real-time fault diagnosis for track circuits, Xigao Liu, Beijing Hollysys, China
  2. Comparative analysis of scheduled and condition-based track circuit maintenance Colin McVea, Northern Ireland Railways, UK
  3. Rail yards, a challenge through growth and changed landscape,Folkert Bouma, ProRail, Netherlands

  1. First Reserve paper: Backbone for the Digital Railway, Malcolm D'Cruz , Rio tinto Ore, Australia and David Lim,

Design Resilience

  1. ROCC and Role: Implementation of operational control centres for resilience Victor Abbott, Jacobs, Australia
  2. Rail’s particular challenge with resilience, Alexandra McGrath, VicTrack, Australia
  3. Fallback systems and resilience in India,Ganesh Kumar Dwiivedy, Indian Railways, India

Human Factors

  1. Operational and human factors testing to commission ERTMS in Denmark Amanda Elliott, Innovace Designs, UK
  2. Education for the fourth industrial revolution as a route to resilience Hongsin Kim, University of Birmingham, UK
  3. Ergonomic and HF study of control rooms to optimise resource deployment,Kenneth Yin Chan and Cje Son Chang, Key Direction, Hong Kong

Innovation and Future Development (1)

  1. Study of vehicle communication-based train control (VBTC), Ying Lin, Hollysys, China
  2. Valise – video balise for dependable train positioning, Richard Shenton, RDS International, UK
  3. Development Trend and direction of Train Control System, Bin Ning, , Tao Tang, Hairong Dong, Jing Xun, Yidong Li, The State Key Laboratoy of Rail Traffic Control and Safety, Beijing Jiaotong University, P.R.China and Chunhai Gao, Feng Bao, Traffic Control Technology CO., Ltd. Beijing, P.R.China


  1. A fair signalling architecture, AndreĢ Radomiak, Alstom, Belgium
  2. Scalable and relocatable interlocking device, Natsuki Terada, Rail Techical Research Institute, Japan
  3. Architecting railway systems for resilience, Luke Church, Thales, UK

Innovation and Future Development (2)

  1. Virtualising control centres: can cloud computing deliver increased resilience? Matthew Slade, CPC Systems, UK
  2. Exploring virtual coupling: operational principles and capacity analysis, Egidio Quaglietta, TU Delft, Netherlands
  3. Digital resilience – a way forward for today’s transformation, Antonio Bravo, Siemens, Belgium

Conference Social

An informal social will be held after the formal close of ASPECT 2019 at the Lijm & Cultuur Creative Laboratory giving delegates the chance to network over drinks and food. We welcome all ASPECT delegates to join this event, whether attending the technical visits the day after or not.