Wednesday 23 October ASPECT Day One

8:30 Registration and Coffee

9:00 Welcome

9:15 Opening Ceremony

Keynote Address

Karel Van Gils, Innovations Director, ProRail, Netherlands

ERTMS Session

  1. ETCS Hybrid Level 3: simulation based assessment for the Dutch railway network, Joost Jansen TU Delft, Netherlands, with Egidio Quaglietta, Maarten Bartholomeus and Alwin Pot
  2. The wait for ERTMS – keeping conventional systems safe, Harm van Dijk, Movares, Netherlands
  3. Overview of ETCS Level 3 impediments,Maryam Akbari, University of Twente, Netherlands

Safety Session

  1. Misuse of safey cases, Ello Weits, Movares, Netherlands with Stefano Stanghellini
  2. Does SIL live up to expectations?, Roger Short, Retired, UK
  3. Train control uncertainty treatment and safety assurance shifting to automation Fei Yan, Beijing Jiaotong University, China

  • Panel Discussion
  • Lunch

CBTC and Metro Session

  1. Reliability improvement of CBTC systems on metro lines, Ian Thompson, IMT Engineering, UK
  2. Building resilience into urban rail transport systems, Pierre Dersin, Alstom, France
  3. Delivering capacity and service resilience from modern CBTC systems, Phil Dubery, CPC Systems, UK

Systems Session

  1. Business continuity management in railway signalling, Wim Coenraad, Movares, Netherlands
  2. Providing resilience as the goalposts move, Ian Jones, Siemens, UK
  3. Whole-railway approach to planning for things that probably won’t happen, Andrew Love, SNC-Lavalin Atkins, UK

  • Panel Discussion
  • Break

Cyber-Resilience Session

  1. Evaluating the impact of cyber security and safety with human factors, Eylem Thron, Ricardo Rail, UK
  2. Data resilience: protection of a CBTC system from hackers, Henry Cheung, IRSE, Hong Kong
  3. Developing cyber-resilience together: Industry cooperation for more security Alexander Patton, Siemens, UK

Standardisation Session

  1. How the EULYNX data prep standard can improve railway robustness, Bob Janssen, EULYNX, Netherlands
  2. Moving safely towards IP for signalling, João Martins, EFACEC, Portugal
  3. Development of IP interlocking in Korea, Kyung Hwan Hwang, Rail Signal Research Association, South Korea

  • Panel Discussion

17:15 Closing Address

Conference Dinner

The ASPECT Conference Dinner will be held at Delft’s Nieuwe Kerk