Peterborough Ground Panel

Author: Shivani Singh
Introduction Day
Resilience session
Atkins’ Signalling Systems team in India had been delivering signalling detail designs for UK main line for over a decade. Recently the team has delivered designs for Peterborough Line Speed Increase Project. The main scope of this project was to upgrade tracks to improve the permissible line speed for trains near Peterborough station.
In the area of upgrade there was a mechanically operated ground frame (local control for sidings). The mechanical ground frame was assessed to be incompatible to the proposed upgrade and hence had to be decommissioned and replaced with a new Ground Frame Panel with power operated points.
This paper aims to describe the technical challenges associated with the mechanical ground frame renewals and the design solution proposed by the author using novel circuit design. The design solution produced by the author following a systematic approach to a novel design solution and ensures minimal interference to existing infrastructure.
This paper also aims to conclude with guidance for younger members on best practices for tackling such situations in the future projects.