Digital in Design

Author: Hari Shankar Sankaran Radhakrishnan
Introduction Day
Session: Digitisation and Maintenance

All the industries are moving rapidly towards digital working whereas Signalling industry, though doing well, it is little behind the digital race. It is time for the conventional signalling Engineers to look around and up skill ourselves to the digital era. As a learner, I would like to first of all define what does digital means for Signalling industry and how and when this can be applied in our day to day working. This paper also aims to find some of the investments we make towards achieving this goal and the long run benefits we will be getting. Given a great emphasis towards Digital drive by our company, I would like to explore and compare other disciplines within our organisation and other industries where already digital working has becoming part of their DNA.This paper will try to touch upon few latest concepts like Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality and how these technologies in future may replace the conventional working in a Signalling Industry though my findings will be limited to the design office working due to the available level of exposure I have.In future it is for sure that due to the changing technology and going digital, Signalling industry in addition to the skills they possess an entirely different skill set is required and this paper will be a whistle for them.